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We currently have Creative Kippahs and Sport Kippahs available to purchase.

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  • Creative Kippahs

    We present to you our Creative KIPPAH line.

    This unique method was born with the help of you, our customers. This entire line is custom designed by individual customers to meet their specific designs. They are bonded leathers which enables us to manufacture a very desirable shape kippah that pleases most people. 
    Due to the nature of these Kippahs, the selection we have chosen to display on this page need to be ordered verbally, as they are limited in availability. In addition, our CREATIVE KIPPAHs are not limited. 

  • Sport Kippahs

    Sports are an important part of life. They keep you active, healthy and happy. Whether you are riding your motor cycle, kicking around a soccer ball or shooting some hoops you can always have a Kippah that matches your activity. Teach your kids to embrace an active lifestyle by giving them their own name imprinted sport Kippahs. With fun colors and cute designs our Sport Kippah collection is always a favorite. We hope you will enjoy our handmade Kippahs and the joy of being active! 

  • Suede Kippah

    The Kippah you can never go wrong in. The most neutral of all Kippahs the suede Kippah is an international favorite. Completely unique in color yet dignified and respectable,suede Kippahs are The Classic Kippah.