• Baby


    Having a child is the miracle of life and joy, especially

    in the Jewish world where childbirth is infused with

    deep meaning. Matching all baby themes we have a

    collection of unique Baby Shower Kippahs for your event.

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    Your little girl is becoming of age! You can let her help
    you choose which color Bat Mitzvah Kippahs she wants
    for the Bat Mitzvah party as well as the style and color.
    You can match the theme and colors to the event!
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    Your children are getting married. What a celebration!

    As this is a Jewish event having Kippahs around for all

    of the guests is a must. 

    We have a line chosen just for Wedding Kippahs!

  • Bar Mitzvah

    BAR MITzvah

    Your son is hitting a big milestone in his Jewish life!

    You can delight your son by letting him help you choose

    from our special Bar Mitzvah Kippahs. 

    You can match the colors and theme to the event!

Plain Suede Kippahs

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